Friday 25 January 2013

Deleted chapter of Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French KissYes, you read correctly! Stephanie Perkins will release a never before seen deleted ENTIRE chapter from Anna and the French Kiss! Yay, I'm so excited!! Anna ranks highly among my all-time favourite books, so I can't wait to read more about Anna and St. Clair. You can read more about it here.

And it's due to a very special occasion, which is that Anna and the French Kiss will be available this sunday, January 27., for only $ 2,99 wherever e-books are sold. So if you haven't yet read it, I'll strongly suggest you use this awesome opportunity to read it. I soo recommend this book. If you have read it, then you can recommend it to others or rejoice and gush with me about these fantastic news.

If you are sitting there thinking Anna and the French Kiss? Eh, what? Here's what you need to know about the book:

Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris--until she meets √Čtienne St. Clair. Smart, charming,beautiful, √Čtienne has it all...including a serious girlfriend. But in the City of Light, wishes have a way of coming true. Will a year of romantic near-misses end with their long-awaited French kiss?

And now ... I think I'll go continue my happy dance.


  1. I blogged about it immediately after I saw her post too!! And I ended my post with "I'll go dance around my room now" too!! Haha, even Anna lovers share so many similarities :)

    1. Haha, how funny! But it is very good news, that totally justifies the crazy happy dance I did afterwards! Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

  2. I need to read this book. Great reminder :)

    New follower :)