Friday, 28 September 2012

Morira - Death Wanders by Helene Krejsager

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For many years Morira has lived as a vampire in the shadows of New York. Now she is forced to adjust to a life among humans as she seeks knowledge of the mysterious Uriel White. In the journey from the darkness of the night to a life in the light of the day, Morira learns to love and care for the humans that surround her. It is during this process of change that Morira has to decide if she cares enough for a human to be willing to give her own life to keep him safe…

My thoughts 

I liked this book. It wasn't very long, but I think it was fun and sweet.

The story was good and flew easily. Everything happened in a the right pace, and most importantly I think there was a good balance between exciting action and character interacting. The writing was fluently and didn't draw much attention to itself, which I always appreciate.

Morira is an independent and strong person, who does not hesitate to do what she thinks is right - even it might compromise her own life. At times she had a funny angle at things - especially when it concerned things she didn't quite understand - and she made some hilarious comments on mankind at times. She developed a lot over the book, and it was fun to watch her slowly gain her footing as a human or, well, as a supposedly human. She went from being a badass killer to questioning her new life and wanting a change. I always like when a character goes through a life changing experince and actually does change.

Uriel was just the sweetest, yet mysterious guy. He looked after Morira and was very protecting of her, and while she could protect herself in combat a crying baby might just overthrow her. But then Uriel always seem to be there and guide her through. And without giving too many spoilers, I can say there is something not very ordinary about him.

I liked the description of Morira's adaption to the human life and her struggles to fit into a world, she no longer seems to be a part of. It was also interesting to follow/read about a character who looks on humans from the outside, and it sometimes made me think why do we actually do this, and how we come to understand that. It was a bit like a study in the human behaviour, but in a good way.
It was also fun to read about Morira's struggle with her feelings, and how she slowly recognized exactly what those feelings meant.

I think it is an interesting and promising debut from the author, and I hope we will see a lot more to her in the future.

☆ ☆ ☆ 

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